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Family Tree With Picture Frames
caucasian family - three generations Many of us have a deep-rooted interest in tracing our family trees and learning our genealogical history, as exemplified in the Alex Haley's book Roots.  In bygone years, compiling a family tree was a fairly arduous task, involving searches of city and town records and microfiche as well as family bibles and albums.  Today, with the advent of the Internet, making a family tree is easier and more popular than ever.

The world is more mobile today, and it seems like the days when families stayed in one area forever are gone.  Researching your family tree and learning about your genealogical history is a great way to reconnect with family members you haven't seen in a while, and to connect with those you weren't even aware of.  You can learn more about your family heritage, and may even discover where your talent for writing poetry comes from!

family tree book The resources found on are an excellent starting point for researching your family history.  In many instances, people discover that other family connections have already begun diagramming a family tree.  This discovery often simplifies the research task immensely and enables persons to connect to family members and relations they did not know or had been unable to locate.  Uncles, aunts, and cousins from hitherto unknown branches of the family tree can attend meaningful family reunions, where you may be able to learn even more about your family background.

Many of the resources on this site offer software that allows you to organize your family history.  In many cases, you can enter what you know, and the rest will be filled in for you.  You usually have options to save, share, or print your family tree data.

Family Tree Resources

    This genealogy site offers everything you need to build your family tree.
  • Find My Past
    Database of genealogy data from 1939 and a search function for data in other genealogical databases.
  • Family Tree Maker
    This family tree software helps you record and organize all of the information you collect on your family.
    Claims to offer the largest collection of family history records on the web.
  • Rootsweb
    Guide to tracing family trees - the oldest and largest free genealogy site on the web.
  • Family Tree Searcher
    Search family trees at multiple online genealogy databases.
  • Name Meanings
    Features meanings, origins, and statistical information for over two thousand common first names given to babies in the United States during the 20th century.
  • The Origins Network
    Database of genealogy data for family history research in England, Scotland, and Ireland.

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